Scents of summer, and some poetry too...

mushroom risotto at yurt.jpg

I know that we are well immersed now in the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness and believe me, I am right behind Yeats and his fruit with ripeness to the core. Absolutely let's swell the gourd and plump the hazel shells- but first, indulge me! Let's inhale the sweet outdoor aroma of summer food once more!

This summer was wholly about outside food for me. We spent lots of time in Hampshire, with a wonderful reunion of family on two levels. First, most of us ensconced ourselves in a wonderful yurt for a spot of glamping, but secondly this allowed us to be near my sister's family while they celebrated their fortieth wedding anniversary.

Our food at the yurt was all about simple ingredients, cooked simply, and simply scoffed- alfresco! Before the ubiquitous marshmallows over the fire pit on the night you see above we had enjoyed mushroom risotto with fresh salad leaves and roasted tomatoes. For breakfast my fine Liverpool son regaled us with avocado toast. We know how to camp in style! Admittedly the bar had been set high by the standard of our "tent"- you have to make an effort when you stay warm under heavy rain with your pot-bellied stove and rich décor!

Food at the party demanded finer still. We had roast ham and sides of salmon, served with spanopika, breads, and salads, with my ice bowls to finish. These ice bowls are one of my favourite summer displays. Bright, fresh summer flowers captured in the ice, and bright, fresh homemade ice-cream staying cold enough to be enjoyed if there's room enough for a little something at meal's end.

But yes, you're right; the Ode to Autumn calls- Where are the songs of Spring? (Or indeed Summer?) Ay, where are they? Fair enough- faredos! We're in full autumnal throw back in the kitchen. I'm on a sourdough course this week, so come back at the weekend for delicious scents of that x

table spread ham salmon sides spanopika  and salads and ice bowls.jpg
Posted on September 20, 2017 .