Finding My Feet

Welcome to Glasgow! We made it- and sometimes the sun even shines, just like in Ireland! It has been a busy time, finding our feet, exploring our new surroundings, seeing a new kitchen come together in work and at home, and delighting in the treats on our new doorstep.

One very favourite spot is Bakery 47. I love this place already. It is a tangibly passionate, bustling, jewel box of breads and cakes, with tea and coffee, and everything you could want on a Saturday morning or any other time really!


Then, even closer to home, is Marchtown. It describes itself as a specialist wine and beer shop, but it is so much more. Just order one of their sharing platters. They'll bring you cold and fruity white wine, happily accommodate your dog as welland let you wallow in the homely atmosphere, chatting to folk at neighbouring tables, and enthusing over their relishes, olives andcheese. 

Speaking of Lucy, she has loved the huge expanses of Glasgow's parks. This is a city that knows how to incorporate greenery into every space from  windowbox and tenement step to square miles of meadow and wood. So many people have talked to me of finding my feet and landing on my feet, and that has been true in so many senses- not least the ironic! Another local discovery has been our nearest A & E. I didn't land on my feet quite so well a few weekends ago! But let me pay tribute to the staff there, as to everyone else who has made us so welcome: you are making this next step of ours wonderful!

Next time, I'll hopefully have news of some speciality sour-dough breads, and pictures of a pop up. Also hopefully no news of further injury! 

Posted on June 30, 2017 .