Home Grown

Our friend Alan planted raspberry canes back in the Spring, with no immediate expectation of any fruit. This was his first little harvest last week. Sometimes surprises are all good.

I am often called upon for event catering by a local Anglican church, and recently had the privilege of serving the family and friends of a wonderful man who had passed. Sometimes surprises bring pain.

Support for the family was actually huge, with many more coming to pay their respects and offer support and condolence than we had anticipated. Another surprise! This is one of the aspects of our work that keeps us beautifully on our toes. Keeping the tea and coffee and nice things flowing smoothly is an important aspect of such a day for everyone. If we are able to ensure comfort and refreshment at an emotional time, we have done an important thing for special people.

Thankfully, and enormous thanks to my team that day, we were well prepared, and had enough for everyone. I was especially pleased with our raspberry meringues. A little mouthful of sweetness in the bittersweet remembrance of things past. In fact, my raspberries were home grown too. At Faredos we strive to provide excellent, seasonal food from local or fairly traded sources, and it doesn’t come much more local or fair than my side garden!  Admittedly the birds may not agree with the fair bit- hope they weren’t too surprised…

Posted on July 29, 2016 .