Good to know

It's good to know how you're really doing. It's good to hear from folk who can send you feedback after an event that will keep you smiling and keep you cooking. There's been a run of birthdays recently: 50ths, 60ths, 70ths, and 90ths! They were happy birthdays indeed, with happy families all gathered together. And kindly, lots of comments came flooding in afterwards.

These comments came from one of the 60th parties; the first from the sister of the birthday girl:

We had a lovely, special family time and plenty of craic! Think the birthday girl enjoyed herself! Your delicious banquet was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone and much appreciated by us. Drooling now just thinking about it, especially that cheesecake!!! MANY THANKS.

And nicely this from the same birthday girl herself:

Thank you, C, for your good wishes, lovely present and not least your wonderful food. It was just great, enjoyed by 27 oldies and 8 little ones!! I had a lovely birthday!

That Cheesecake I have been making for fifteen years! It is a baked raspberry cheesecake, a great recipe that hits the spot every time. I'm planning on making it over the holidays and will post the recipe, with pictures this time, here on the blog. It will wait until after my trip to Glasgow this weekend, where I'll be celebrating Easter with Fred and enjoying the delights of a Scottish Spring.

Cheesecake will be going to one of my facebook followers, now that I've reached 100 likes - random draw to take place 31st March.

Happy Easter to you all x

Posted on March 23, 2016 .