Happy 30th, Nicole!

A birthday is always lovely, but a birthday with cake and buns and flowers and beautiful crockery is by far my best definition of the event!

Recently the world-travelling Nicole was home on Irish shores with her antipodean husband. Celebrating three decades of adventurous spirit and a family of great love. It was all beauty and heart.

Quite a tall order reflecting all this in mere food, but everyone seemed happy! There were serendipitous delights of chocolate and caramel, cut into bites and topped with some fruity surprises.

Shots of passion fruit mousse crowned with luscious raspberries.

Joined on the cake stands by chocolate cups and squares of the Cake from Morocco (see previous post).

There were savoury things as well, but they didn't last long enough to be photographed. What can I say? Obviously happy birthday people.

And so to The Cake. I do love cake. It is a ubiquitous part of so many aspects of our family life. There should always be cake in a tin, be it for picnic, friends round, comfort, but especially for birthdays. This particular candidate was the wonderful Eunice Power's chocolate cake with raspberry mousse slice, finished with ganache. I'd be only too delighted to make one for you too! Raspberry mousse slice....

The birthday girl herself took this stunning picture. It was a magical afternoon. Fresh flowers as well as candles bedecking the cake- we'll be using that idea again!

Great to see you, Nicole. Happy Birthday x Looking forward to the next time!

Posted on June 22, 2015 .